• Professional R&D Strength

    Professional R&D Strength

    Hwatime Medical has a professional and well-experience R&D team with creativity. We will introduce more advanced international technology and provide customers with better performance and higher stability monitors.
  • Strict Product Quality Inspection Process

    Strict Product Quality Inspection Process

    With strictly controlling quality, we provide customers with products with good performance, high stability, long durability and high accuracy.
  • Powerful Instrument Processing Capability

    Powerful Instrument Processing Capability

    There are more than 20 branch offices and after-sales service offices in large and medium-sized cities throughout the country, which lays a solid foundation for the market development and after-sales service of Hwatime products.

H8 Multi Parameter Patient Monitor

Portable Patient Monitor can be used to monitor multiple physiological parameters including ECG(3-lead or 5-lead), Respiration(RESP), Temperature(TEMP), Pulse Oxygen Saturation(SPO2), Pulse Rate(PR), Non-invasive Blood Pressure(NIBP), Invasive Blood Pressure(IBP) and carbon dioxide(CO2). All the parameters can be applied for adult, pediatric and neonate patients. The monitoring information can be displaying, reviewing, storing and recording.

    ECG Lead mode: 3-lead or 5-lead

    NIBP Mode: Manual, Auto, STAT

    NIBP Measurement and alarm range: 0 ~ 100%

    NIBP Measurement accuracy: 70%~100%: ±2%; 0%~69%: unspecified

    PR Measurement and alarm range: 30 ~ 250bpm

    PR Measurement accuracy: ±2bpm or ±2%, whichever is greater

    Application: Bedside/ICU/OR, Hospital/Clinic


XM750 Multi Parameter Monitor

Standard parameters: ECG, NIBP, RESP, PR, SpO2, TEMP. Colorful and Clear 12.1″ color screen, Backlight buttons.

Multiple display modes optional: Standard interface, Large font, ECG standard full display, OXY, Trend table, BP trend, View-bed.

Ambulatory blood pressure technology, anti-movement. Special design against high frequency surgical unit, and defibrillation protection.

    Quality Certification: CE&ISO

    Instrument classification: Class II

    ECG Lead mode: 3-lead or 5-lead

    NIBP Mode: Manual, Auto, STAT

    Color: White

    Application: OR/ICU/NICU/PICU


HT6 Modular Patient Monitor

Standard parameters: 3/5-Lead ECG, Hwatime SpO2 , NIBP, RESP, 2-Temp, PR

Optional: EtCO2, Touchscreen, Thermal Recorder, WLAN accessory, Nellcor-SPO2, 2-IBP, Masimo SpO2, Masimo AGM

    Quality Certification: CE&ISO

    Display: 12.1” color screen with multi channel

    Output: Support HD output, VGA output, BNC interface

    Battery: Built-in rechargeable lithium battery

    Optional: Optional accessories for adult, pediatrics & neonate

    Feature: 15 kinds of drug concentration analysis

    OEM: Available

    Application: OR/ICU/NICU/PICU


T12 Fetal Monitor

FHR Measurement range: 50 to 210

Normal range : 120 to 160bmp

Alarm range: Up limitation 160, 170, 180, 190bmp bottom: 90, 100, 110, 120bmp

    Quality Certification: CE&ISO

    Instrument classification: Class II

    Display: 12” colorful display

    Features: Flexible, light design, easy operation

    Advantage: Flip-Screen from 0 to 90 degree, large font

    Optional: Monitoring single fetus, twins and triplets, Fetus Wake up function

    Application: Hospital